Air Pollution in Dominica: Real-time Air Quality Index and smog alert.

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Quality of life in Dominica

Green and Parks in the City

Dominica 69%

Saint Lucia: 63% Antigua and Barbuda: 25%

Pleasure of spending time in the city

Dominica 88%

Saint Lucia: 68% Antigua and Barbuda: 75%

Air Pollution

Dominica 19%

Saint Lucia: 32% Antigua and Barbuda: 0%

Garbage Disposal

Dominica 63%

Saint Lucia: 29% Antigua and Barbuda: 25%

Availability and quality of drinking water

Dominica 88%

Saint Lucia: 71% Antigua and Barbuda: 38%

Cleanliness and tidiness

Dominica 75%

Saint Lucia: 21%

Noise and Light pollution

Dominica 13%

Water Pollution

Dominica 6.3%

Saint Lucia: 43% Antigua and Barbuda: 100%
Source: Numbeo